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From the get go VR has been a developers nerdgasm and an average mans bank breaker! However, with the immersive technology becoming ever so much more prevalent in 2017 due to influencers driving interest as well as VR Arcades springing up all over the place, VR is gradually becoming more affordable to experience. That being said VR is still one of those things that can be difficult to understand and therefore harder for newcomers to warrant the premium that it holds over more traditional games and experiences.

Fear not though my frugal fraggers as there are indeed places you can go to get a hold of your virtual self, away from the glare of strangers and without sacrificing a penny! That’s right, no fees, no restrictions to demo’s, just FREE VR. One such place is Dospara VR Paradise. The only thing to note is that there’s a 30 minute time limit per person. Although, to enhance the fun you can always grab a few people together and interchange a HTC VIVE between the group for as long as you have booked as a whole.

dospara signThe Dospara we visited is situated amongst the most popular pc component stores in Akihabara and somehow manages to run a fairly English friendly VR service on the 5f, that’s completely free!. They do have locations all over Japan but we enjoy the maid musk so made sure to make electric city our booking of choice! The booking portal is only available in Japanese, but due to their simplistic and well designed website (something that’s really uncommon with Japanese websites) it’s easy enough to get by with the use of Google translate. All you will need is an email address to reserve!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in Japan and still umming and arrring what kind of VR you’d like to splash the big bucks on, why not first get your VR legs at Dospara. Perhaps your first ecchi Japanese game experience and a morality check to question where your life is heading too. Yep, checkout our crazy experience at Dospara below for more insight.

For details of all their available content and to reserve your spot see: Dospara VR Paradise.

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